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Project Description
Now SL4 version is branched and trunk is compiled against SL5RC. Also got rid of that white gap around chart and disabled hit test on the zoom box so it works right-to-left better.

This solution extends the Silverlight Toolkit Chart to give Zoom, Pan and Span functionality with frozen scrolling and no change to source!





* Utilises existing toolkit without modification
* Zoom box functionality
* Mouse wheel zoom functionality
* Pan functionality
* Scroll Functionality
* X Span functionality

I've been working on a project which uses the Silverlight 4 Toolkit chart control. The control is great, however there is no real zoom functionality which is a problem.
Here is an example given where the charts template is moidified to provide a ScrollViewer wrapper for the chart panel which allows you to zoom the whole chart and scroll around it:

DataVisualization -> Zoom

The big problem with this is that the axes are scrolled with the chart surface, which is not the desired effect.

I thought about this for a while and came up with a solution without modifying the source.

It was clear that the problem stemmed from the fact that the axes were not independent of the plot surface, but this could be easily solved by using a grid with 3 plot surfaces to hold the main plot surface and X and Y axes:

The scroll behaviour of the axes plot surfaces can be tied to the main plot surface to make it appear as though they were one piece!

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